About Us


 Thermoform brand is a result of over thirteen years of experiences in the field of clothing. We have utilized the specific properties of the polyester in all products of Thermoform. Thermoform products have been designed specially for active sports, recreation sports and casual wear.

When we are active our body sweats, it is important to keep the skin dry. Otherwise, it can cause to get cold, muscle spasm and illness. In order not to feel cold, body temperature should be stable, there our skin should be dry.

Underwear should has rapid moisture transfer facility to medium garment. Medium garment should be able to transfer moisture to outerwear rapidly. Quterwear (jackets-overcoat) should also be able to transfer moisture away rapidly. Underwear touches to skin. Medium wears are sweaters, sweatshirts and outerwears are jackets, overcoats. Especially in sport activities and causal wear, breathable THERMAL underwear and socks should be preferred.

These are produced from specific technic yarns like polyester, polyamide, bamboo, modal. This type of products increase your movement ability. Cotton is not suitable for thermal wear. Because it can not transfer moisture away. In the moisture relation among the garments, the most important part is the underwear. Therefore underwear must be THERMAL and get dry quickly.

Polyester ladies bras and football players uniforms are a good example. For rapid moisture transfer, the material must be knitted in density.

The expression “Nylon and Polyester is not breathable” is wrong. Nylon and polyester is higher density knitted materials than cotton thus they don´t keep moisture.

In this catalog that we have prepared for you, you’ll find a wide range of our products consisting of thermal underwears, socks and accessories.